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CityShade's Journey with the Southern Living Magazine 2023 Idea House

A Collaboration with Laura Hodges Studio Transforms Three Unique Spaces

The Southern Living Idea House has long been a symbol of creativity, innovation, and style. In 2023, the spotlight fell on a remarkable partnership that added depth, warmth, and intricate detailing to the primary suite, breakfast nook, and writer's studio of the Idea House located in the picturesque landscapes of Tennessee. City Shade Company, in collaboration with Laura Hodges Studio, embarked on a journey to bring these spaces to life, creating an experience that encapsulates both comfort and elegance.

**Breathing Life into the Primary Suite: A Sanctuary of Serenity**  

CityShade was happy to help Laura Hodges Studio’s vision for the Primary Suite become a reality. The goal was to design a space that exuded relaxation and sophistication, while maintaining the essence of Southern charm. City Shade Company's expertise in crafting premium window treatments was seamlessly combined with Laura Hodges Studio's penchant for adding soft, intricate details to create a harmonious haven. Classic, linen curtains were chosen to adorn the windows, allowing natural light to filter in gently. The choice of a neutral color palette, complemented by subtle earth tones, emphasized the serene atmosphere.

Laura Hodges Studio's touch was evident in the personalized details - handpicked accessories, comfortable yet elegant furniture pieces, and carefully curated artwork. These elements blended seamlessly with the window treatments, resulting in a primary suite that perfectly balanced style and comfort.

Detailed Product Specifications:

Primary Bedroom: Custom Drapery in Jefferson Linen Sand on Lisbon Satin Nickel Hardware.

Primary Bath: Custom Drapery in Jefferson Linen Sand on Lisbon Satin Brass Hardware.

Primary Closet: Drapery Express in Jefferson Linen Sand on Lisbon Satin Brass Hardware.

**The Breakfast Nook: Where Style Meets Functionality**

 The breakfast nook presented a unique challenge: marrying style with the practicality required for daily use. CityShade and Laura Hodges Studio combined their expertise to craft a space that seamlessly transitioned from a cozy morning retreat to an ideal setting for casual gatherings.

Traditional Roman shades from CityShade compliment the window details of the nook. The shades, providing a light and airy aesthetic, while maintaining a timeless appeal. Laura Hodges Studio's choice of wallpaper and furniture in this space make it one of our favorite rooms to date!

Detailed Product Specifications:

Breakfast Nook: Traditional Roman Shades – Relaxed Style in Jefferson Linen Ivory.

**Crafting the Study: A Fusion of Focus and Aesthetics**



In the heart of the Idea House, the study emerged as a retreat for intellectual pursuits and deep contemplation. CityShade and Laura Hodges Studio united to create a space that seamlessly integrated function with aesthetics, resulting in a study that beckons with a sense of purpose and refinement.

Stationary end panels in a soothing blue-gray hue took the place of shades in the study, standing out against the rich wood tones. These panels added a layer of depth and visual interest, creating a striking contrast that elevated the overall ambiance of the space. The choice of color not only added to the aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the calming atmosphere, making it an ideal environment for focused work and contemplation.

Detailed Product Specifications:

Study: Drapery Express – Jefferson Linen Horizon on Lisbon Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware.  

**Writer's Studio: Weaving Creativity into Every Detail**

  The writer's studio was a canvas for CityShade and Laura Hodges Studio to truly showcase their creativity. This space needed to inspire, encourage, and provide a sense of artistic intimacy. Tailored to foster creativity, the studio embodied a perfect blend of comfort, tranquility, and style.

CityShade's velvet drapery blends into the backdrop of this space, providing light control in a room that begs for privacy. Laura Hodges Studio's finesse was evident in the choice of fabrics and textiles that adorned the furniture and decor, adding texture and warmth to the studio.

Detailed Product Specifications:

Songwriters Room: Custom Drapery in Velvet Espresso on Lisbon Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware.

**A Transformation Worth Remembering**


The collaboration between CityShade and Laura Hodges Studio in the Southern Living 2023 Idea House was a triumph of creativity, skill, and vision. Through their thoughtful integration of window treatments and design elements, these two entities breathed life into the primary suite, breakfast nook, and writer's studio.

The Idea House's transformation illustrates the power of partnership, where two distinct entities with a shared vision can create spaces that resonate with comfort, style, and functionality. The result is a testament to the beauty of blending innovative window solutions with intricate design, breathing new life into these spaces and leaving a lasting impact on anyone fortunate enough to experience them.

As visitors step into the Idea House, they are greeted not only by the skillful execution of design and craftsmanship but also by the emotions these spaces evoke – a sense of tranquility, joy, and inspiration – a true embodiment of Southern living at its finest.


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